Monday, April 6, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion - "The Spire" by my band, Wring.

I simple can't resist telling you about a big development in my own musical life this week, after months of writing about other people's CDs. My band, Wring, has just released our first EP, "The Spire." You can get the EP, FREE, through our website,

"The Spire" is a little over fifteen minutes of music that I've been working on with my friend Art Baron for more than a year. I've also had help from good friends, and I want to acknowledge their great work: Thank you Stephanie Tyburski, Kevin Herlin, and Josh Olivier Mason. I also want to thank Jill for all her work on the website build and photography. Thanks too go to Colin Sapp for mastering the EP.

I'll leave the reviews to you, while I get started on the next one...

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